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Our Best Face Cleanser for Blemishes

02 Nov 2021


Bright skin is within reachand it starts with putting serious thought into why, when, and how you’re cleansing. Done right, this crucial first step in your regimen has the power to loosen clogged pores, flush away impurities, and remove every last bit of dirt, makeup, and sunscreen to reveal smooth, healthy skin underneath. 

Methodical, consistent cleansing also allows the active ingredients in your favourite toners, serums, and oils to permeate betterwhich in turn means you’ll reap greater benefits and get extra mileage from products over time,not to mention healthier looking skin. 

“When we remove all traces of pollutants from the skin, the rest of our routine can do its job properly and bigger-picture skincare goals quickly become more attainable,” explains Jacob Tomás del Rosario, Youth To The People’s Director of Field Sales + Education. 

Choose the right cleanser for your skin type 

Facial cleansers come in many different formats from face wash to rich balms and with plenty of different key ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin or combination skin, you'll need to find the gentle cleanser that will help to support your skin barrier while carefully ridding skin of impurities. Finding the best facial cleanser for blemishes, acne or occasional breakouts is also worthwhile for anyone with acne-prone skin or hormonal blemishes.  The key to a well-constructed and effective cleansing regimen lies in a consciously individualised approach as del Rosario explains:

“Before we reach for our cleanser, it pays to take a minute to assess our skin type and reflect on our behavioral factors during the night or day. For example, am I wearing full coverage makeup or just a lightweight moisturiser? Is my SPF mineral-based or my mascara waterproof? Am I pressed for time or do I want to really get artful with my ritual?”

Depending on the answer, del Rosario recommends opting for YTTP’s cult-classic Superfood Cleanser or the new velvety-whipped Superberry Dream Cleansing Balmor, for a good double-cleanse, both.

“Either formula can be chosen as a one-step cleanse, but the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm shines best when it comes to removing stubborn, tough-to-remove sunscreen and makeup. And the Superfood Cleanser is amazing for removing dirt and preventing buildup in poreswithout stripping the skin of its natural oils,” he says.

Both cleansers will suit sensitive skin, those with drier skin are likely to be attracted to the replenishing nature of the oil-based balm and its delightful array of skin-plumping omega fatty acids and hyaluronic acid, while those with oily skin, blemish- or acne-prone skin will appreciate the gentle lather of the Superfood Cleanser and its soothing proprietary blend of kale, spinach, alfalfa, and green tea—but both can be complementary for different reasons.  

The Superfood Cleanser is such a gentle cleanser with soothing green tea extract and aloe. Kale and spinach are rich in calming vitamin K, while other key ingredients include nutrient-dense alfalfa, vitamins C and E, hydrating and soothing panthenol (a popular form of vitamin B5), chamomile flower extract, and glycerin for added hydration. It contains zero harsh or potentially irritating ingredients meaning it's a top choice for those with highly reactive skin or sensitive skin. 

The Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm has a gentle formula that will not irritate sensitive skin and might suit some blemish-prone skin types too. It's a good face cleanser for acne scars as the rich formula will soothe while removing even heavy makeup. 

“Historically, gel cleansers have a dehydrating effect, but because the Superfood Cleanser is pH-balanced and sulphate-free it leaves skin clean, without drying it out. And the Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm differs from other oil-based cleansers, because it conditions the skin without leaving any residual grease after you’ve washed it off,” continues del Rosario.

The Double Cleanse 

Combine the two together in a carefully choreographed double cleanse before bed, and the results are two-fold: 

“There’s no need to double cleanse in the morning, but at night it can be a beautiful experience, and it ensures that all buildup is thoroughly removed so your skin can repair and regenerate while you sleep,” del Rosario says to close. “To do so, massage the Superfood Cleanser or the new velvety-whipped Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm onto dry skin until it transforms into oil, and then massage the face with wet hands until the formula emulsifies into a milk. Rinse thoroughly with warm water before applying a couple of pumps of the Superfood Cleanser to your face. Rub into a light lather for 30 seconds to activate the ingredients, and then rinse, pat dry, and continue with the rest of your PM protocol.”

The real key is to ensure you are consistent with your pick of the right facial cleanser for blemishes. Removing acne-causing bacteria every morning and every evening will help to improve the health of all skin types, from oily skin to sensitive skin. Twice daily cleansing whether you choose an acne face wash like our Superfood Cleanser or the silky, hyaluronic acid infused Superberry Dream Cleansing Balm  will help to prevent future breakouts and prep skin for further active ingredients, acne treatments and daily skin protectors such as vitamin C serums or retinol.

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